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A Digital Growth Story with Awanui Labs Awanui Labs, a premier pathology and healthcare supplier in New Zealand, decided to overhaul their online lab test ordering portal, mytests.co.nz. Their vision? A revamped branding strategy grounded in the principles of user accessibility and a streamlined ordering process for patients. The Challenge The mission was to architect Read More View live site

The Challenge The Taikorihi locality comes with its own unique character and set of challenges. There are five Iwi within its boundaries. Geographically, it is a large area where parts are both rural and remote. It is a region known for its stunning natural beauty, sacred places and cultural strengths. It is also a rohe Read More View live site

When School Food Handler approached us to design their website, they had grand aspirations. However, these were curtailed by their existing, outdated system. Their vision? A website that could accommodate hundreds of subsites (via WordPress Multisite) and serve tens of thousands of users. Our task was to revolutionise the technological aspect to bring this vision Read More View live site